Summer Vacation Week #3

Another week of vacation has come and gone…How is it going so fast!?  We have been so busy, which means I’m exhausted! My feet have never been so swollen, but we’re having so much fun.  I’m feeling kinda sad that we won’t be able to go, go, go like we have been after the baby gets here. Mostly because I know Harper enjoys being out and about so much.

Anyway, here are this weeks top 5!

1. Finishing Graham’s baby blanket. Finally! I feel like I’ve been working on this (super simple) blanket since we found out we were having a boy…so for almost 16 weeks now.  While I was pregnant with Harper, my mom and I would sit on her back porch and spend the days crocheting. It was a great chance to talk and relax and get projects done.  But with Baby #2, there is no relaxing on the back porch. I’m too busy watching to make sure Harper doesn’t  fall backwards off the Little Tykes slide or that she doesn’t step in dog poop.  Nope, this blanket was made after she was sleeping…and like I said, it took 16 (looooong) weeks to complete. But it’s cute, right!?


2. Play projects with Harper. I’m moving right along with this whole Pinterest project goal! And I’m quite proud of myself. However, this week was one of the busiest we’ve had, so I kept it simple.  Once I busted out the pom-poms, Harper was a busy bee.  She LOVED putting them in the tub, down the tubes and in and out of the baggie.  We actually played with the pom-poms almost every day this week. When I went to put them away each day, she would cry.  EASY and she LOVES them!


DSC05304 DSC05306 DSC05302






(Ideas from and

On top of our pom-pom play, we also got out the shaving cream.  As part of the library’s summer reading program, there is a “game board” that they ask you to follow.  There are squares with different reading ideas and activities to help promote literacy.  Some of them are a bit too old for Harper, including drawing letters in shaving cream. But I thought we could still have fun playing in it…

DSC05279 DSC05280






DSC05281 DSC05285







3. Surprises!! Mark is trying to help me relax before this baby arrives…and I know that I make his job pretty darn difficult. He and Janelle plotted to surprise me with a night out with her…and then with a night out with him! Both nights were a blast. And, don’t worry, Harper had some fun of her own. While Daddy and I were enjoying our dinner, Janelle and Belle were spoiling her with doughnuts…


And on Saturday, Mark had a surprise too! He got to go golfing for his birthday with my brother and my dad!!

4. Our time with friends. We had a VERY ACTIVE social life this week! And, of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We got to go to the park with Miss MaryAnn…played with Belle & Turner…hit up Kings Island with Janelle & Belle (TWICE)…had dinner with Renee & Demetri…had coffee and girl talk with Andrea & Rachel and got to see Ashley & baby Grayson.  Told ya’ we were busy gals.


raspberry cookie from MaryAnn


this girl couldn’t get enough…


we love the water park!

5. Young’s Dairy with Mamaw & a clean house!  I really wanted the house to be at it’s best before Graham arrives. The last thing I want to think about after delivery is the dust on our dresser or the ickiness of our tub. So Mark took one for the team and spent ALL DAY SUNDAY cleaning.  His only request was that Harper and I be out of the house while he was working his magic.  So we went to Young’s with Mamaw.  Harper got to feed the goats and enjoy some ice cream.


Next week looks more relaxing. Maybe I’ll finally pack that darn hospital bag!

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